Historical projects

Historical projects, 2011-2012

imageOld Ideas, the pre-release history of the 12th studio album by Leonard Cohen, from the rumors of Summer 2011 to the release of Old Ideas in late January 2012.


imageDo I Have to Dance This Year, a timeline of Jarkko’s hints concerning, Cohenites’ guesses about, and DrHGuy’s measurements of the 2012 Tour.



Archived / recreated projects, 2011-2015

COHENSCOPE is a sophisticated but easy to use tool with links to and feeds from high quality sources of timely information pertinent to the work of Leonard Cohen. Those with an interest in Cohen’s life and work will find this utilitarian site an efficient, effective means of researching a specific point or keeping up to date on the latest news and thought about the Canadian singer-songwriter.
Version 2015

Abstractor Of The Quintessence collects artistic work, ranging from dance to videography to satiric verse to painting, based on, inspired by, or responding to Leonard Cohen’s music, poetry, and prose.
Blog 2011–2014
Newsflash 2014–2015

Leonard Cohen Goes Commercial (a.k.a. Little Screen) is a video collection of more than 60 TV ads that employ Leonard Cohen’s music or Leonard Cohen himself in the service of selling his own recordings or concerts but also other goods and services. These compact, highly condensed presentations present a perspective that offers the viewer both enjoyment and insight.
Current successor

Decriptions kindly revisited by DrHGuy (March 2012)


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